Greyhounds are running on the Polygon Blockchain!
Breed, train, race to win money on your way to podium glory with your very own NFT Greyhound collection all while supporting real life Greyhound rehoming agencies.


About the collectIon

Unleash your racing potential with Muzzle Run, the ultimate NFT Greyhound racing game on the Polygon blockchain. Breed, train, and race your hounds to victory, and play to earn Matic. Start your champion kennel today!


(16 June - 30 AUG 2022) ✅

Nice, you're here just in time! Sign up and claim your first hound free!

Share this project and we'll also airdrop Greyhound Racers for every friend you refer.

The more you share, the more free airdrops for your kennel.

(1 September 2022) ✅

Racers that you've successfully earned through signing up and sharing will be airdropped to your Polygon Wallet address.

View the entire collection, check your rarity and start trading between other Muzzle Hound members.

(1 SEPTEMBER 2022) ✅

The one and only group of breeding stock enter the ecosystem and are available to mint.

Only 10,000 breeders will be minted, ever!

Only successful holders of breeders will be able to breed greyhound Racers and claim our future coin airdrop. You don't want to miss this!

(1 OCT - 30 NOV 2022) ✅

Breeding and training will now be available. Take advantage to grow and improve your kennel with a 50% discount on breeding and training for 2 months only as a thanks for being part of our early adopters.

Free 3D racIng
(1 DEC 2022) ✅

Our first races will leave the gates and mark the historic start of the next generation of Greyhound racing.

Races will be free to enter and count for statistical improvement and class placements.

We launch our first of many tournaments. Free to enter with paid prize pools.

PaID racIng
(20 DEC 2022) ✅

Pay to enter your hounds in to races and win Matic if your hound finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Muzzle Run does not take a fee on paid racing.

(2023 and beyond) 🚀

We have lots of exciting features in store. Join our Discord to follow our progress in real time.




107 to collect. Limited 10,000 supply. Can breed Racers and earn you residual income with Breeder Rewards.


107 to collect. Can train to increase performance attributes and earn money through racing.


10 to collect. Burn Gold, Silver or Bronze Rabbits for racing credits. All other Rabbits have abilities to help your hound in a race.


Get an overview with our most common Q&A.

How do I get my first hound?

Add hounds to your kennel by minting a Breeder which you can then use to breed a Racer or purchase a hound on the secondary market OpenSea

Is there a limited supply?

Breeders have a limited supply of 10,000. Once they have all been minted, that's all the breeders that will exist in the ecosystem for ever! There are 107 different types to collect.

Racers have an unlimited supply, but consist of 107 types for a full collection that include different traits based on a rarity percentage.

How do I know if I have a fast hound?

Every hound type has different performance attributes based on their physical traits. As a rule of thumb, the more rare traits your hound has then the faster it will be. Each hounds performance attributes can be viewed inside your kennel or on Opensea and can be increased with training.

How do I breed a hound?

Users who own a Breeder can produce Racers by paying a breeding fee each time they wish to breed a new hound.