Discover the ultimate play to earn opportunity as you race Greyhounds and Whippets on the Polygon Blockchain


Unleash your racing potential with Muzzle Run, the ultimate NFT Greyhound and Whippet racing game on the Polygon blockchain. Breed, train, and race your hounds to victory, and play to earn Matic. Start your champion kennel today!


ABOUT The Collection

Muzzle Run comprises four distinct NFT categories within its ecosystem. The first, known as Racers, showcases Greyhounds forming the backbone of racing and specifically geared towards securing significant triumphs within the game's biggest tournaments.

\Whippets offers a sleeker variant of the game, focused on swift sprints and streamlined gameplay without the complexities.

The Breeders category introduces a pivotal role, enabling the breeding of racers while also facilitating the minting of Whippets. Some Breeders possess additional utilities based on their assigned mint numbers such as enhanced training opportunities and re-rolls for breeding.

Lastly, the collection encompasses the enigmatic Rabbits, each harboring concealed capabilities capable of providing valuable assistance to your hounds during their races.


The word on the street is that the thrill of a Muzzle Run Final is unparalleled. Every month, we host major tournaments with cash prizes reaching tens of thousands of dollars – and the best part? Entry is completely free!


Muzzle Run has a carefully designed class system and a wide range of racing formats allowing everyone the opportunity to find an exciting competitive opportunity regardless of when they join and their starting budget. The biggest prizes are always up top, but you'll find value across the board.